Online travel retailer in2sun holidays, based in Scotland, fears a conflict of brands after reports that the Intasun name is to be revived.

Intasun was the mainstream package holiday of Harry Goodman’s International Leisure Group which collapsed 21 years ago.

The brand is in the process of being revived as the name for a new direct-sell operator by Chris Marino, former boss of London agency Intatours. But expressed concern over possible brand confusion with the proposed relaunch of Intasun.

In2sun is part of long -tanding travel company Glen Travel, itself relaunched last year after original parent company Bill McCarthy Travel went into liquidation in 2009.

Sales director Douglas McCarthy said: “We are beginning to gain a foothold in the marketplace again but feel that an Intasun name coming back into play will create confusion with our in2sun customers, especially from a customer service perspective.”

“However, if this relaunch does take place then we will look to use the potential confusion to our advantage.”