Ex-tourism minister John Penrose is calling for standards of welcome delivered at Heathrow and other UK entry points during the Olympic Games to be maintained.

In his former role the MP for Weston-super-Mare argued strongly that border security and the quality of welcome were not alternatives, but that Britain needed to deliver both.

He kept up the pressure by pressing Home Office ministers in a Commons debate to maintain the standards.

Penrose said: “In spite of everyone’s concerns before the Games began, our ports of entry – particularly Heathrow – worked like a dream.

“Security checks were done properly, but with a warm welcome and a friendly smile. It was a wonderful advertisement for what Britain can achieve.

“That’s why I’ve been urging Home Office ministers to confirm that border security and a warm welcome aren’t alternatives to each other: we need both.”

He added: “I’m delighted they’re so supportive. It’s the best and only way to make sure our newly-won reputation for warm, excellent service is maintained as a permanent legacy of the Games in future.”