Safety, security and efficiency in India needs to improve, according to Iata.

The demand follows longstanding calls from the aviation trade body for better infrastructure, cost reduction and a relief from “excessive” taxation.

Speaking at the first India Aviation Day in Delhi, director general and chief executive Tony Tyler said: “I propose a series of projects to enhance the safety, security and efficiency of Indian aviation.

“The interests of government and industry are aligned. Aviation and aviation-related tourism drives 1.5% of India’s GDP and supports jobs for 1.8% of the workforce. A stronger aviation sector will be a catalyst for even wider economic benefits.

“This is my third major speech on Indian aviation issues in under a year. I have not spoken this much in or about any other single country in my time at Iata.

“The reason is two-fold. The first is that India is the great potential market of the future, and the industry here has only just begun to realize its enormous promise.

“The second is that if we are to realise that future, we must successfully overcome some major issues.”