One million more families are projected to go on holiday in 2014 than this year, signalling returning consumer confidence, new research shows.

A total of 81% of people say they will book a holiday for 2014, up from 76% this year.

A mini-break is the UK holidaymakers’ trip of choice with half of Britons planning at least one next year and almost a fifth (16%) planning to only take mini-breaks as their holidays.

In spite of increasing numbers set to holiday next year however, UK consumers are still exercising caution when booking.

Only one in five (19%) have already booked a holiday for 2014 indicating that they are hoping to take advantage of last minute holiday deals, according to the study by international payments specialist and foreign exchange provider Moneycorp.

The trend for the staycation looks set to remain fairly static while around 1 in 4 of us (27%) plan to take a beach holiday overseas and around 1 in 5 (19 %) intend to rent a villa or stay with friends or relatives abroad.

Moneycorp retail director Matt Leonard said: “It’s encouraging to see that a greater number of Brits are planning on taking holidays next year, as it suggests that the economic recovery is starting to take hold.

“Brits should also be heartened by the performance of the pound, which has strengthened against the dollar and euro over the past six months and means your sterling will go further.

“But as well as signs of improving consumer confidence, our research also shows that Brits are still conscious of the cost of going away and are on the lookout for a bargain.”