An apprentice scheme has been set up by Uniglobe Preferred Travel as the business travel specialist expands with a new central London office.

The travel management company is working with universities to identify people who want a career in travel.

Managing director John Burroughes said: “Despite challenging economic conditions we are continuing to invest in several areas of the business from technology, talent acquisition and geographical location.

“Better offices in London will allow us to deliver our growth plans while also securing a more central position, which is great news for our clients and suppliers.

“It is always great to add new talent and I am proud of our apprenticeship program which has proved highly successful to date. Giving young people an opportunity in the present job market is of vital importance.”

Uniglobe Preferred Travel is ranked in the top 15 best performing companies within the Uniglobe travel alliance, which has more than 700 locations in over 60 countries.

The new London office is at 18 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6LB. Email, telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged.