Hays Travel managing director John Hays (pictured) has revealed the company has bought the staff, bookings and customer base of Jesmond Travel in Newcastle.

John Hays said the deal for the single shop, which has a turnover of £2.5 million, was done for an undisclosed fee late last week.

“We’ve completed a deal to take on the seven members of staff, forward bookings and the customer list for Jesmond Travel, rather than acquiring the company itself,” Hays said. “It’s really exciting for us.

“It has a great customer base and we will change it to be under the Hays Travel name.”

When asked whether he had any plans to make changes at the branch, Hays said: “I think its fine and it already does good volumes of business in both corporate and leisure. We’re really optimistic about this venture and think it will do great for us.”

Hays admitted he was currently in “expansion mode”, with one or two other acquisitions on the horizon.

“I’m always on the look-out for opportunities,” he said. “We’re looking out for things and currently we have one or two things bubbling away.”

The Hays Travel Group now employs around 1,000 people, having bought Bath Travel in October last year.