A strong spike in domestic holiday bookings is being claimed by specialist operator Prestige Holidays since last week’s Leave vote in the EU referendum.

General manager David Skillicorn reported UK bookings being up 50% year-on-year with the trend set to continue.

“Clearly shock waves have resonated through the travel industry with a lot of confusion after last week’s events,” he said.

“We had already noticed a fairly steep curve upwards in domestic bookings to the Channel Islands and Isles of Scilly and we have seen a further increase since the weekend, not only for this summer but for next too.

“There’s still availability in these islands but it’s finite so, for travellers disgruntled by the referendum and devastated by the football, now is the time to book to a UK break.”

He added: “With regards to European holidays, there’s still availability and our prices have not gone up post Brexit. We had a strategy for a vote either way and have managed to fix our prices for the foreseeable future.

“Interestingly, demand for winter bookings at home and abroad is very high. We attribute this to a complete exhaustion over current events, which has driven people to secure their favourite winter getaway.”