Three disruptive passengers have been banned by and the airline is refusing to fly three others back to the UK from Tenerife.

The carrier’s clamp down is the latest response to a rising level of air rage, much of which is blamed on passengers drinking at airports before flying.

The airline took action after a flight from Newcastle to the Canary island was disrupted on Saturday.

A spokesman said the group had been drinking “illicit alcohol” – bought before they boarded the aircraft.

“We have banned three passengers from flying with us for 12 months, and are refusing to fly a further three passengers on their return flight home after they disrupted our Newcastle to Tenerife flight on Saturday,” the spokesman said.

“This group were rude and aggressive to our cabin crew after drinking illicit alcohol, and they should be in no doubt that the consequences of such behaviour will not be accepted.

“As a family friendly airline carrying millions of holidaymakers, many of whom are families, we want our customers to have an enjoyable flight experience without the actions of a disruptive few spoiling it and we will take all necessary action to stamp it out.”

The airline introduced an ‘on board together’ initiative last summer to combat alcohol-fuelled bad behaviour by passengers. continues to call for action from airports and retailers to follow its lead.

“We welcome the proposed review by [aviation minister] Lord Ahmad into the sale of alcohol at airports and also call for the introduction of sealed bags for duty free purchases,” the spokesman said.