Jet2 has no plans to open new bases for “the foreseeable future” as it concentrates on its Stansted and Birmingham bases.

Chief executive Steve Heapy said he would “never say never” to flying from other airports in the UK, but that the firm is prioritising its nine current bases.

The operator and airline began flying from Birmingham and Stansted this year.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do at Birmingham and Stansted,” Heapy said. “We’ve made a big investment and we’re working with the trade to raise the profile of our operation in those new airports. Jet2 is laser-focussed on customer service and investing while some of our competitors have cut costs.”

He said that the firm’s “big, bold and simple” advertising strategy would continue long-term.

Agents based close to Birmingham and Stanstead were invited to the first part of Jet2’s dual conference, and were given presentations on how the company’s business model works with travel agents.

In the question and answer session at the second half of the conference, independent agents from around the UK asked about the potential of Jet2 bases in other cities, with Cardiff and Aberdeen requested.

Jet2 recently invested £2.8 billion on 30 new aircraft in time for summer 2018, 16 of which will be ready to fly summer 2017.

Heapy said: “As we are getting bigger and more financially stable more and more airports want to speak to us. It [adding new airports] is not in our short or medium-term plans, but never say never.”

He also ruled out adding long-haul flight for the time being, adding that most of the new fleet don’t have the range to fly direct to the Caribbean.