A three-pronged turn of year peak period marketing push will give Travel Network Group members more video and digital content than ever before.

The campaign breaks on December 28 across the consortium’s 920-strong membership.

The group has also developed a direct mail campaign with House of Fraser.

The peaks initiative will comprise of three elements:

• Closer than you think – experiential, long-haul, tour and cruise
• Capture the moment – family and mass market
• Escape the reality – social media aimed predominantly for use by homeworkers

The theme of each campaign has been designed to be emotive and drive consumers into stores and online.

Marketing materials include in-store and high street marketing, in-store point-of-sale material and digital marketing tools such as campaign videos, social media and online marketing banners, digital postcards and point-of-sale for social media adverts.

The group’s central marketing team has also allocated homeworkers a social media budget for them to use as they wish for the fist time.

Group marketing director Si Morris-Green said: “Our peaks campaign for 2017 fully supports our strategy of helping members get the most out of their marketing efforts, by giving them the tools and materials for them to make a big impact locally.

“For the first time ever we have provided digital adverts as part of the campaign where our members will feature in their own video adverts to their customers.”

He added: “Our new marketing offering is geared up to offer so much more video content, heavily personalised to members, so they can benefit from this advancing technological era we are all living in.”

“Research shows that consumers are spending more time on devices with more of a focus and passion for online video than ever. That’s why we are including video across all 2017 marketing campaigns and, as part of our new digitalisation strategy, our peaks campaigns will have something to offer everyone, whilst at the same time using our new technology to bring products to life.

“Digital transformation isn’t only about technology, it’s about bringing together the power of technology with our culture, which is increasingly embracing the change.

“As a group we are dedicated to leading our members into the digital world and beyond.”