Virgin Holidays is using this year’s peaks advertising season to promote its latest sale, with scenes of holidaymakers running into a sea full of inflatables.

Its TV ad, created by AMV BBDO, was filmed on a Barbados beach where one hundred people – including fully-clothed newlyweds – emerge and run towards the sea where the word ‘sale’ is spelt out in hundreds of floating lilos.

A voiceover says: “The Virgin Holidays sale, it won’t last forever”.

The tour operator is expecting to take as much as 40% of its annual revenue during the key trading period, and the new campaign has been designed to instill a sense of urgency in the customer.

The advert will be seen for the first time on TV screens at 7.15pm on December 22, during ITV’s Emmerdale.

Claire Cronin, Director of Customer & Marketing at Virgin Holidays, said: “If you’re planning a holiday in 2017 this is the month to grab the best deals – it’s as simple as that. We’re committed to growing the reputation of our sale over the next few years so everyone knows if they want the best value holidays, now is the time to buy.”

Jay Kossifos, Head of Brand & Campaigns at Virgin Holidays, added: “Our new Seize The Holiday platform is designed to show everyday people that the world is literally at their fingertips – we hope we’ve delivered the message in a slightly different way in our sales period, as we did with our live advert in September. Whatever way people interpret this, the message is simple: don’t just sit there and let the world pass you by.”

The Virgin Holidays Sale starts on December 26th and will run until the end of January.