Careers initiative ITT Future You is to hold its first ‘Skills Fest’ to showcase careers in the travel and tourism industry during National Careers Week.

The week-long event, from March 1 to March 6, will include interactive workshops and virtual assignments for students and graduates.

It is being supported by Bournemouth University, Leeds Beckett University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Northumbria University, Sheffield Hallam University, University College Birmingham, University of Plymouth and the University of Wolverhampton.

Claire Steiner, co-founder of ITT Future You explained “Young people have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19 and their career prospects damaged immeasurably. With so many industry placements being cancelled, work experience opportunities drying up and a lack of graduate jobs in the market; the industry needs to take action.

“This is why we’ve launched the ITT Future You: Skills Fest and are encouraging travel businesses to get involved; to help young people develop the industry knowledge and those soft skills that are essential in our sector.”

Key industry skills to be highlighted during the sessions include sales, customer service, networking, crisis management, digital, personal branding and entrepreneurship; with themes running throughout the week including sustainability, business travel, cruise and aviation.

Sessions will be hosted by travel and hospitality brands including Whitbread, Northern Training Academy (NTA), Advantage Travel Partnership and The Global Travel & Tourism Partnership (GTTP).