THOMSON Holidays has refused to change excursion
payment procedures despite a group of Benidorm-based reps conning customers out
of thousands of euros.

At least four reps have been sacked and one suspended
for forging customers’ credit-card receipts and spending excursion payments.

A second year rep is believed to be the ringleader of
the credit-card scam which involved increasing holidaymakers’ excursion
payments on their credit-card slips.

Over £2,094 is believed to have been stolen from
customers, although Thomson refused to confirm figures.

Four reps were involved in spending excursion
payments. Three of them have been sacked while a fourth is currently suspended.

Under the system reps hold on to payments until it is
deposited the week after. Thomson said there are no plans for the payment
system to be tightened up.

A Thomson spokeswoman confirmed “a number
of reps were dismissed this summer for not following company procedure with