The new president of Ghana reportedly criticised British Airways over the quality of its aircraft and service.

The airline came under fire during a meeting to discuss plans to mark 80 years of operating the London to Accra route.

President Akufo-Addo told regional head of sales Paolo De Renzis that the carrier was taking customers for granted, according to The Times.

“There are complaints about the quality of the planes on the route and the service,” Akufo-Addo said. “There is a feeling that you are taking us a little for granted in the way in which we are receiving your services.”

He also expressed disappointment that flights to the west African country operated out of Heathrow Terminal 3, which “is not so convenient a place as Terminal 5”.

He added: “When friends are speaking, I think we should speak frankly. I think I am the proper person to let you know what the preoccupations of our people are. These are matters that will be easy for you to rectify.”

BA’s predecessor, Imperial Airways, first flew to Accra in October 1937. BA has one outbound and one return flight a day between Heathrow and the Ghanaian capital, starting at £496 return.

A BA spokesman said: “Our customers in Ghana will benefit from the investments we’re making in customer experience as they roll out.

“These include investments in the latest technology in the air and on the ground, catering, our premium offerings and providing value in our economy cabins.”

The president’s comments came after it emerged this month that BA had offered only £40 in compensation to an 87-year-old passenger who sat in wet clothes on a 13-hour flight to London after crew refused to let her use the lavatory while an aircraft was delayed for 90 minutes at Los Angeles.

The carrier has also been criticised after it stopped providing free food and drink for economy passengers on flights lasting less than five hours.