Almost 900,000 passengers are set to use Manchester airport over the next two weeks as it gears up for the busy festive period.

The UK’s third largest airport expects today (Friday) and December 29 to be the busiest days, as people fly off for Christmas and then new year.

The airport is also providing advice to passengers to ensure they have a smooth journey through the airport.

An unprepared passenger who has to unzip, undo buttons, take off hats, gloves and untie a scarf at the metal detector, rather than in the queue, add more than a minute per person to the security processing time.

The airport is also asking passengers to take careful consideration about what they put in their hand-luggage before they get to the airport to avoid Christmas presents being confiscated.

Many popular stocking fillers breach security regulations, typically because they contain liquids, and passengers may be asked to leave items behind if they are not compliant.

Chief operating officer Tricia Williams said: “Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for the airport and always one of the most special, with people jetting in and out to see loved ones.

“To ensure everyone has as smooth a journey as possible we’ve created some handy tips for passengers and I urge everyone to be mindful of what they can and cannot carry through security.”