The boss of Tui Group has said trials to mix nationalities in resorts around the world have shown that while some get on well, putting Germans with the British “is a little more difficult”.

“About 90% of our resorts are more or less targeted to one market, but we have started to mix customer groups in some places,” said Fritz Joussen.

“Putting the Nordics with the UK works, so does the Nordics with the Germans, and the Dutch with the British. They all work well, but it’s a little bit more difficult with the Germans and the British. It can be done, but you need to really balance it. If you had 10 English and one German, the balance would be wrong and so we have to be careful.”

Joussen said it was not a problem with Nordics customers, perhaps because their countries are small and the people are very international and speak English.

He said key products would remain targeted to one market – such as Sensatory and Marella Cruises for the British, Robinson Clubs and Tui Cruises for the Germans.