Luton Airport is introducing a £1 charge for passengers being dropped off beside the terminal.

As part of a number of improvements being made to the airport’s access by the end of April, the drop-off zone is being redeveloped as well as the public transport interchange and the short term car park.

However, following the changes customers will be charged £1 to use the drop-off zone for a maximum of 10 minutes in a bid to make dropping off passengers “fast and easy”.

A free drop-off zone is being created by the mid-term car park, although passengers will then have to take a free transfer to the terminal.

Luton Airport general manager for projects and development Nic Horton said: “We have made this investment so that getting to the airport is easier and more convenient for all our passengers.

“Dropping passengers off can be a stressful experience; we have therefore given careful consideration to providing the right facilities and enough time for people to unload in a secure environment.

“Making a small charge reminds drivers of the ten minute time allocation and keeps the traffic flowing.

“By offering a choice of options we can provide an airport experience to suit the needs of all our passengers.”