Posters stretching 36-metres based on rubbish left on trains has been developed by Heathrow Express.

Cups, plastic bottles and free newspapers found left behind on trains have been used as the basis of thee London Paddington to Heathrow rail link creation.

The posters, telling the company’s sustainability story over the past two decades, will run along the breadth of the arrivals walkway at Terminal 2.

Illustrator and paper sculptor Rebecca Sutherland photographed the rubbish to create mini works of art for the posters.

Heathrow Express head of commercial Chris Crauford said: “This is probably our most ambitious attempt to engage passengers in our sustainability credentials and bring our brand to life in a way that goes beyond the speed, reliability and customer service we’re known for.

“We’re proud of our position as a sustainable transport option with our diverse workforce, activities in the community and fully electric trains. Increasingly consumers are committing to more sustainable approaches to travel and are interrogating brand’s individual approaches.

“We think many people will be surprised about how conscious we are in our operations – from the waste we recycle to our gender diversity commitments.

“This campaign has proved to be a striking and impactful way of celebrating 20 years of sustainable travel with Heathrow Express.”