If you can get these things right you’ll be a huge success says Reality Training.

Have a read and think about how you exhibit these, to others.

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1. Being on Time.
Punctuality has become a large issue in recent years it seems. Some people are very loose about timings, which is an unattractive quality. Both being on time and completing work on time to deadlines are equally important.

2. Work Ethic.
Some will argue work ethic and effort are the same, but they’re not. It’s possible to make loads of effort – just on the wrong things – how do you prove you have a strong work ethic?

3. Effort.
Can you demonstrate your ability to apply concerted effort?

4. Body Language.
Some people give off the wrong signals without saying anything. Look at how you carry yourself. Voice is only of 13% of communication, everything else comes from what we see.

5. Energy.
Are you able to maintain good energy levels, or do you slump in the afternoon – if you do – what do you do about it?

6. Attitude.
This can’t be trained – it is entirely personal. How do you maintain a positive attitude?

7. Passion.
I worry about this word – I’m not sure you can describe yourself with this word – others may use it to describe you though – much better. Another word is Enthusiastic.

8. Being Coachable.
Do you accept that you can be developed continually? Do you welcome feedback and positive interventions from a coach or mentor.

9. Doing extra.
You don’t need to work all hours – you just need to be happy to, sometimes.

10. Being prepared.
Whatever you do, do you make time to prepare in advance? Find more free resources on You Tube at Realitytrainingfilms or on Facebook.

Find more free resources on You Tube at Realitytrainingfilms or on Facebook

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