UK travellers due to visit flood-hit Venice have been warned of a further deluge this weekend.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice was updated after a red weather warning was issued by the Italian Civil Protection Department for the Veneto region, including the city of Venice.

The alert came as St Mark’s Square was closed and schools were shut for a third day as more than 80% of the canal city was flooded.

As the Italian government declared a state of emergency in the Unesco world heritage site, the FCO said: “There has been flooding in parts of Venice, caused by seasonal high waters and heavy rainfall. Other parts of northern and central Italy have also been affected.

“Further strong winds, heavy rainfall and storms are forecast from Friday 15 November into the weekend.

“If you’re in affected areas, you should monitor weather updates and follow the advice of local authorities.

“If you’re due to travel, you may wish to check with your tour operator or accommodation provider for updates on individual travel plans.”

High waters known as ‘acqua alta’ are a common occurrence in Venice during the winter months and can cause flooding in parts of the city.