A woman on honeymoon with her British husband has been killed in Cape Town after being abducted by armed men, according to South African police.

Her body was found in a taxi she and her husband were travelling in on Saturday night when the vehicle was hijacked.

The 28-year-old – who is not British – and her husband, 31, who was unharmed, have not been named. Regional tourist authorities said the couple married two weeks ago.
Western Cape police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut told the BBC that the car had been hijacked by two armed men at 23.00 local time.

“The suspects drove off with the couple and the man was later dropped off unharmed. The body of the woman… was found in the car in the Lingelethu West area,” he said

“The families are in the process of being informed, and the couple’s names are not yet being released.”

The couple had arrived in the country on Friday for their holiday, and that the hijackers had not been caught, he added.