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A man suspected of carrying out a gun attack at Los Angeles airport on Friday has been charged with murder.

A federal US security agent was killed and others wounded in the attack. Police are attempting to establish a motive for the assault.

About 1,550 flights with 167,000 passengers were affected as a result of the shooting.

The gunman appeared to target agents of the Transport Security Administration, which manages security at US airports.

He reportedly pushed through screening gates and walked more than 100 yards into the secure area of the terminal before law enforcement officers caught up with him in a food court.

US Attorney Andre Birotte said the gunman had pulled a “.223-calibre M&P-15 assault rifle out of his bag and fired multiple rounds at point-blank range” at TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez.

The attorney said the shots did not kill the officer, but the gunman returned to “shoot the wounded officer again,” the BBC reported.

Prosecutors say the death penalty could be sought if 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia is convicted. He is in hospital after being shot by police.