Flights at Belfast international airport were returning to normal operations last night after a cargo aircraft stuck on the runway caused 12 hours of disruption.

The airport was temporarily shut and all flights suspended for a period yesterday.

Ten flights were cancelled and others faced delays. 

Flights then operated from a shortened runway because of the obstruction, the BBC reported.

The runway was finally cleared at 6.30pm, more than 12 hours after the early morning landing by the cargo jet with damaged undercarriage due to a number of tyre bursts.

Airport managing director, Graham Keddie, said the freight aircraft had landed “right at the wrong time and right in the wrong place”.

Operations director, Alan Whiteside, said the starboard undercarriage had been damaged, which had made the aircraft difficult to move.

Airport authorities also had to wait for the Air Accident Investigation team to give the go-ahead for the TNT Boeing 737 to be towed away from an intersection of the airport’s two runways.