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Title: Issue Date: 08/10/01
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Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is investing $100 million in installing its SpaceBed on its 45 Boeing 747 megatops and Boeing 777-200 extended-range aircraft.

Starting from November with a B747 megatop aircraft operating on the Heathrow to Singapore route, the rollout will take 12 months to complete.

The new seat was developed after extensive market research and studies into economic factors.

When fully extended, the SpaceBed is the longest business-class bed and, because the armrests can be recessed, it is up to 8ins wider than any other rival product.

The extra space has been achieved by reducing the number of business-class seats from 58 to 50 on the B747 megatop.

The seat cushion was originally designed for US space agency NASA and fits into the contours of the body. It can also be extended or retracted to suit each passenger’s requirements.

As well as increased seat comfort, SIA has launched a new generation of its in-flight entertainment system KrisWorld. Passengers can choose from 40 movies and short features and 50 games on a 10.4ins monitor, and can view what they want, when they want it, in all three classes.

In business class, passengers can use AC power systems to send and receive e-mails and browse theInternet using a normal power cord.